ORION mini 7kW

Charging Station for Home or Work

Tec Specs (.pdf)

Easy to use, install and upgrade.
Compatible with all electic cars on the market today and in the future.
Best suited for home use.

MC-CHARGERS, having completed the range of public chargers, proceeds with the private charging station series ORION mini. Focusing on quality and high design aesthetics which is already established by ORION range of products, ORION mini is ideal for home or work installations, has a metallic and polycarbonate enclosure and small size, easy to install. Orion mini is available in 2 power leverls, 7kW and 22kW, while the built in 5m length tethered cale with Type 2 outlet, enables a quick and easy connection with the EV.

RFID, MC-CHARGER’S phone app or any other OCPP phone app can be used for user identification and management of the charger. Can be connected to the internet via WIFI, Ethernet or GSM, meeting the needs of all installations. Through MC-CHARGERS’s phone app. ORION mini can be set to different power level’s according to the levels of consumption at the building, avoiding overloads and leading to a proper load management and energy efficiency.

Power: 7kW
Protection: ΙΡ54, IK10
User authentication: