Peripheral components and Spare Parts

RFID - Single
RFID keys
Ethernet - module
GSM - module

Tethered charging cable 5m length Type 2 to Type 2 3x32A
For 7kW (GT257)
For 22kW (GT2522)

Tethered cable 5m with Type 2 outlet
Mode 2 type 2

Portable Charger mode 2 Type 2 from 8A up to 16A
Base 22
Ground mounting base for ORION 7H,11H, 22H, 11C & 22C
Base 2x22
Floor Mount Base for AC Chargers PRISMA 2x11CS, 2x11CG, 2x22CS, 2x22CG
Base 22D
Floor Mount Base for AC Chargers ORION with space for Network’s Operation Energy Meter

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